Vibrant, show-stopping and expertly crafted European glass crystals make up the colourful earring collection at Australian jewellery label Covet Goldie. New to the scene, the brand, founded by Hayley Roberts, has quickly found itself on the ears of the nation’s most fashionable stars, including Jasmine Howell and Erin Holland, just to name a few. Prepare to add this up and coming label to your collection. 


"Covet Goldie is inspired by an amalgamation of club glamour through the decades: 1930s flappers, 60s mods, Studio 54 and Area. The label is where exuberant opposites meet and a union between ‘glamour’ and modernism is found.  


Designed and handcrafted in Australia, each piece features a custom gold-plated brass setting with the highest quality European glass crystals. Drawing on my time working at European fashion icons, I have created Covet Goldie for those who are driven by the pursuit of locally made, timeless designs with a modern edge."  


Hayley Roberts, FOUNDER